Channing Tatum Just Played The Best Magic Mike Prank Ever

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike might just be one of the most impressive on-screen performances we’ve ever seen (we mean, COR). Which is why this brand new prank video is all the more amazing.

The Hollywood actor decided to play a trick on a group of excited women at a special Magic Mike XXL screening to celebrate the release of the second film. 

Channing went undercover as a balding, middle-aged marketing executive named Scott Hasley, who was apparently there to interview fans about what they thought of the first movie.

But little did they know, they were about to be in for a serious treat…

> Channing Tatum pranks a group of unsuspecting Magic Mike fans in a hilarious new video


Whilst sitting in a screening room unawares, the crowd was suddenly treated to an inpromptu performance from a bunch of seriously flexible male strippers who seemed to appear out of nowhere.

And that wasn’t even the finale.

Next, Tatum jumps on stage (still in his dad suit) to start winding and grinding before twerking aggressively in one special woman’s lap, finally revealing his true identity.

It really is a treat on the eyes. Magic Mike fans, watch and devour below… 

> Channing Tatum going undercover as a balding marketing executive