This Chanel Shoe Copy Will Change Your Life

Like, seriously…

Of course, we all dream of owning that Chanel quilted chain handle bag one day, and have questioned avoiding rent for a quarter of the year to do so.

But, the accessory that’s challenging this, and may be *slightly more in reach is the Chanel two-tone shoe. *OK, still not at all in reach.

Watch the #unboxing video in the previous post if u didn't already 💛 I really loved the classic #chanelslingback and i know I'm going to wear it a lot because of how useful it is💛 and hope more And more of shoes to come in board. Ladies i have a confession to make… I'm a shoe addict. No really i mean it! I can never stop shopping when i used to see shoes even if i know am not going to wear it at all. I convince myself that i will one day or (( it belongs to my closet )) 😅 so I stopped this bad habit for many years and now this year i noticed i haven't shopped any nice shoes i really want for long time so i went to get flexible shoes and i want a good brand and got it and felts so happy and since then i couldn't stop and i got more two shoes and u know? It feels soooo great in my feel it looks beautiful more beautiful than i see it in other people' feet! Specially the valentino? Omg it looked amaZing in me i couldn't believe how sometimes a brand u never think of would be great on u but not for others. And so the dolce everyone keep asking me about and how comfortable it is i wear it almost everyday! And ofcourse manolo i can tell which high heels can you walk around the whole dubaimall. I can hug shoes the whole day! And tell you a story of each one! Oh my! What a long story i normally saying what i feel in a blog 😂😊 so tell me r u a #shopaholic ? And if u are for what? Shoes ? Bags? Jewelry? Clothes?

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At a cool £625, these gorge midi heels may not be as pricey as the £3,000+ handbag but it’s still way more than we want to spend on a single item (even if they are what dreams are made of).

So, what do we do about this? We search the high street and find a designer dupe you won’t believe isn’t actually the real deal, obvs.

Shhh – it’s our little secret.

Bella Hadid

With the likes of Bella Hadid sporting these now iconic sling back shoes, it’s no surprise the high street is giving us all a helping hand to get in on the action, too.

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Mango shoes

Nude shoes, £35.99, Mango

Shout out to Mango for helping us get a piece of Chanel. Well – kind of!

At £35.99, these new in right now shoes will technically save you roughly £589. So, basically you’re saving while you shop.

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What’s soooo amazing about these you ask?

Well, if you don’t have legs for days like a supermodel then the neutral tone and pointed court style will lengthen them – with no effort needed. Perfect.

Also, the low midi heel and sling back shape is uber comfortable, so you get all the chic points of wearing an actual heel with all the perks of a trusty flat.

Excuse us while we dash to the Mango checkout. Oh, and they also come in black too, FYI.

Hurry, these will sell quicker than the Love Island T-shirts!

By Harriet Davey