Why You’ll Never See A ‘Quilted’ Chanel Bag Again

Think Chanel handbag and you think plush quilted leather right? Well, not anymore.

After sending models down the AW16 runway in Paris wearing skirts, frocks and jumpsuits featuring the signature quilted print, Karl Lagerfeld shocked Chanel devotees by revealing, “We don’t call that quilting anymore. We call it Chesterfield, an evolution of the Chanel quilt.” Yep, Chesterfield. Like the sofa. Not that we’d dare to question Monsieur Lagerfeld’s fashion rules, but we kinda liked quilting better to be honest.

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But at least you know exactly what to ask for on your next Chanel shopping spree. Jokes aside, we wonder how long it will be before the high street starts taking inspiration from furniture too. The divan flatform anyone?


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Kaiser Karl’s Chesterfield love-in didn’t stop with the clothes either. The criss-cross pattern also adorned the models’ eyes, and Gigi Hadid’s clearly a fan – she left the show still sporting the statement look. Now, this is a slice of Chanel we can actually get involved with. Seriously – try cutting a square out of some old fishnet tights and use it as a stencil to apply a smoky shadow. Just be sure to finish it with a make-up setting spray, otherwise it’s a slippery slope to panda eyes. And that isn’t very Chanel. Chesterfield; add it to your fashion lingo, asap.