Celebs Who Look So Much Younger Than They Are

As Jane Fonda’s amazing W cover is revealed, we take a look at some of the celebs who, unlike the rest of us, never seem to age.

Jane Fonda, 77

At the quite unbelievable age of 77, the amazing and super sexy Jane Fonda looks at least 20 years younger than she is. The Oscar-winning actress has ruled the red carpet for decades and still continues to shine at every event she attends. These amazing snaps show why she is the ultimate poster girl for how to age gracefully.

Steven Klein/W Magazine Instagram


Christie Brinkley, 61

Looking like she’s still in her 30s, Ms Brinkley has one of the most enviable figures and youthful complexions around. An Eighties Sports Illustrated cover girl, Christie will be remembered as one one of the sexiest women of our time, mastering her beauty well into her 60s.




Elle Macpherson, 51

Well we all knew ‘The Body’ was going to age well didn’t we? Aussie knockout Elle Macpherson is still ruling the roost at 51 with a body that anyone would kill for. Add to that her long blonde locks and perfect smile and you have an an ageless beauty that we’re all pretty jealous of.



Sharon Stone, 57

The ever-so-beautiful Sharon Stone will forever be remembered for that scene in Basic Instinct and, for looking decades younger than she is. At almost 60, Shazza is still the super sexy blonde she always was and is showing no signs of slowing down.



Michelle Pfeiffer, 57

We’d love to know what Michelle Pfeiffer’s secret is because her 57-year-old face looks like it’s in it’s thirties. As does that bod. Send your tips to the LOOK office please Ms Pfeiffer.



We’re not sure exactly what these ladies’ secrets are but we’re pretty sure they’ve been using anti-wrinkle creams, so why not check out our edit of the best anti-ageing creams on the high street.

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By Amy de Klerk