Celebs Get Festival Fever At Coachella

Katy Perry, Alexa Chung, Emma Roberts, Kelly Osbourne, Ashley Greene and Nicky Hilton – the LA fashion pack were out in full force as Coachella Music Festival 2011 kicked off festival season. Styled up to the nines, Paris Hilton stepped out in top-to-toe monochrome, while sister Nicky Hilton went boho in turquoise tie-dye – that Balenciaga bag wouldn’t last five minutes at Glastonbury! Proving redheads have just as much fun, Rihanna got cosy with R&B smooth man Usher – no wonder she’s so smiley! Do we feel a duet coming on? We hope so! HE 

Scroll down to see all the pictures from the Coachella Music Festival 2011.

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