Celebrities That Look Alike: The Ultimate Face-Off

Bryce Dallas Howard wants everyone to know that she is not Jessica Chastain. 

This might sound a little odd, and a little obvious, but when you put their faces together you can totally see why people may believe that they are the same person. 



These red haired ladies have a running joke at how often they get mistaken for one another.

Jessica took to Twitter to share a meme, just to clarify that she was not, in fact, starring in the new Jurassic Park movie. No people, that would be Bryce. Right? Right. 



The 34-year-old dazzled on the red carpet at the movie premiere last night, in a flowing navy gown that featured back chain detailing and a plunging neckline. Wow. 

Both Bryce and Jessica did star together in The Help. As different people. They were together, in the same place, on camera. Proof enough?  

Bryce also confirmed it once and for all, in song format, using the Dubsmash app. Which is just one of the reasons why we love her.  




The doppelgang effect isn’t out of the ordinary in the glamorous world of Hollywood.

Here are just a few of the other celebrities who seem to share a spooky resemblance. 


Katy Perry And Zooey Deschanel




One is a pop megastar, who has alleged beef with Taylor Swift, and was married to Russell Brand. The other, a popular actress who was rumoured to be dating Russell Brand. But she wasn’t, FYI. 


Mischa Barton And Elijah Wood


It’s all in the eyes. And the grin. 


Alicia Silverstone And Kristen Stewart



Clueless? Us too… 


Heath Ledger And Joseph Gordon-Levitt




They could actually be the same person. Or at least be related. 


Jennifer Garner And Hilary Swank



You’re Not You. Are you?


Sienna Miller And Mollie King


Ok. We need a lie down… 

By Laura Jane Turner