5 Times Celebrities Were *Actually* Disney Princesses

Hasn’t it always been the dream to become a real Disney Princess? 

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Well. It looks like we’re not alone in that, as a handful of celebrities seem to have been taking styling notes from them for years.

In fact, the resemblance is uncanny. 

1. Katy Perry and Snow White 



Or should that be Snow White and Katy Perry? If it wasn’t for the timeline, it would be tricky to decide who copied who. 

Sure, Katy makes a fine Minnie Mouse, but with her gorgeously pale complexion and blunt raven bob, there’s only really one place KP’s hair inspiration could have come from. 

And with lips as red as the rose, we’re a tad jealous of Katy’s amazing likeness to the fairest one of them all. We’re pretty sure Evil Queen would feel the same. 

2. Amanda Seyfried and Rapunzel from Tangled



With those beautiful bambi eyes and her signature long blonde locks, Amanda is the spitting image of the hidden princess at the top of the tower. 

3. Jess Glynne and Brave



Both new faces, there’s just no denying that curly red head of hair, is there? 

4. Megan Fox and Jasmine 



From the tumbling wavy locks to the turquoise blue top – and don’t think we didn’t notice that gold accessorising – it’s pretty clear to see who Megan was channeling with this look. 

5. Blake Lively and Elsa from Frozen 



If ever there was a celebrity boasting ah-mazing princess hair, it’s Blake Lively.

At first, she reminded us of Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora, but after seeing this fishtail plait and Ice Queen-worthy number, she’s become our Elsa. 

Now all that’s left is for Disney to make a live action Frozen movie… 

By Laura Jane Turner

Pictures: Disney / REX / Tumblr