Here’s How Much Your Fave Celebs Earn Per TWEET

It’s pretty well common knowledge that celebs and bloggers get paid to feature certain brands and products on their Instagram feeds. We’re not saying it’s right – it’s just the done thing. However, we never realised just how lucrative another social media account could be…

Turns out, stars are cashing in major bucks on tweets alone and luckily, some genius, tech-savvy people have come up with a super-easy way to see what your favourite celebs are earning per 140 characters.

Launched to celebrate Twitter’s 10th anniversary earlier this week, Webfluential has created a new (not to mention free to use) calculator which reveals what the stars can cash in per tweet. And yep, it’s a LOT.

Using high tech geo-targeting and intense algorithms, the calculator can work out the worth of their (or your) individual tweets.

All you need to do is enter your Twitter handle, set the generator to your preferred currency and voila, you’ll be presented with the worth of that account in seconds. Check it out for yourselves here!


While average joes tend to hit the £13 mark, it looks like celebs are earning secret mega bucks. Here’s a mere taster…

@Zoella – £9,000 – £11,000
@Beyonce – £25,000 to £31,000
@KimKardashian – £31,000 to £38,000
@TaylorSwift13 – £38,000 to £46,000
@KatyPerry – £40,000 – £49,000

Um, how can we get in on the action?!