These Lifelike Cat Bags Have Sparked An Internet Freak Out

Kooky handbags are nothing new, but every time a new piece of kitsch arm candy hits the scene, we fall for them time and time again. From Skinny Dip’s milk carton cross body to the four-figure, designer offerings from Olympia Le Tan, celebs, bloggers and street stylers alike can’t get enough of the kooky bag’s outfit-overhauling superpowers.

Of course, the biggest novelty bag trend of all has to be the cat bag. From Charlotte Olympia’s first kitty bags and slippers, to the countless high-street versions our fav stores stock season after season, cute cat face clutches have been the object of the fash pack’s affections for years. However, this new label has taken the trend to the next, borderline-terrifying level.

Filling that cat-shaped bag void in your life (because we ALL have one) is Japanese artist Pico, who has created THE most lifelike cat bags imaginable. Seriously, they’re so realistic looking, they make us question life as we know it…


The eyes. Oh god, the eyes… 

Rather unsurprisingly, Pico’s freaky designs have gone down a storm on Instagram and Twitter alike, with recent photographs of her cat designs being retweeted over 10,000 times and favourited by over 8,000 users. So yep, they’ve officially gone viral.

Using faux fur to create her, ahem, standout designs, it’s definitely worth clearing up that NO cats were harmed in the making of these handbags, as realistic as they look. 

Sadly, these furry felines don’t come cheap. Pico lovingly handcrafts each and every bag, spray painting on the individual markings on each cats fur, before she models the face, selects the eyes and adds all the fastenings, linings and straps to her hold alls. Naturally, all this handiwork adds up, so you can expect to drop £360 for one of her creations. Meow! (Sorry).

We’re sure for the feline aficionado, they’re worth every weird and wonderful penny. Someone get Alexa Chung onto Pico’s novelty bag designs, stat!