Why Everyone Is Googling Kylie’s Cartier Bracelet

There’s one item of jewellery that you’ll rarely not see on Kylie Jenner. Her Cartier Love bracelet.

Kylie’s rarely seen without her statement bangle, which she doesn’t just have one of, but SIX (in white gold and yellow gold), and which she wears stacked up her arm.

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And now, the 18-year-old has managed to spark a crazy amount of interest around her super luxe bangle, as it’s only the most-searched for item of jewellery on the Internet. Impressive, no?

According to a new infographic made by Karus Chains, Kylie’s Cartier Love bracelet is the single most Googled jewellery item in the world, with over 353,000 women searching for it every single month. 


To put this into perspective, Tiffany engagement rings only generate 85,000 searches a month in comparison. Wow.

So, what’s so special about the Love bracelet? Well, it’s very pretty, and boasts screw stud detailing that comes with its own screwdriver so you can literally lock yourself into it.

But we can’t help but feel like it’s seeing them on social media queen Kylie’s wrist that’s responsible for the sudden surge in popularity…

Source: Karus Chains Source: Karus Chains


At £4,600 a pop (that’s just for the most basic version), we’re not sure how many of these searches turned into actual sales, but still – it’s a clear example of just how much selling power this teenager has.

First it was Kim’s censor bar selfie re-igniting the bandeau bikini trend, and now Kylie’s taking over the high-end jewellery game.

Could Kylie’s very own accessories range be next in the pipeline, perhaps?