Caroline Flack’s Dino Braid Is Rocking Our World

Caroline Flack just took plaits to a whole new high-volume level with her ah-mazing dino braid.

The Xtra Factor presenter hopped into One Direction’s longtime hair stylist Lou Teasdale’s chair to allowing the super plaiting to commence before her night on the tiles in London. 

And the results are pretty impressive.

‘I’m dino braiding my way to a summer party… Thanks @louteasdale’, Caroline captioned a snap of her hefty braided mohawk.

To recreate Flackers’ look, take a section of your hair from the bank and divide into three strands. Then, instead of going over to form a normal french plait, take the three sections and go under.

Take a section on the left hand side next and add it to the middle piece of braid, then do the same on the right side and continue all the way down until your dino braid is complete.

By Robyn Munson

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