Caroline Flack Tells LOOK About Strictly, Simon And Her Man

Caroline Flack made her Strictly Come Dancing debut on Sunday night when she waltz onto the dancefloor for the very first time on the star-studded launch show.

And with her first official peformance coming up this weekend, we caught up with the star to see how those pre-ballroom nerves were coming along.

Hi Caroline! So. Alison Hammond says you’re the dark horse of the competition…

She keeps saying that! I don’t know what she’s been watching. I don’t think I’ve got a good chance at all! Everyone has strengths in different ways. We’ve only had two rehearsals so you can’t really tell yet if there’s a clear winner.

You’re used to dealing with judges, how will you handle these lot?

I don’t know! We’re obviously all going to be criticised at some point because we’re not dancers, so I expect that but have no idea what else to expect. I’ve never been critiqued before. I’m going to feel like one of the X Factor contestants.

Speaking of X Factor, what does Simon Cowell think about you taking part in the competition?

Oh, he’ll be fine! We get on really well and have always had a nice working relationship. They changed The Xtra Factor and that needed to be changed so it seemed like good timing to move on to something else. I’ve had loads of messages of support from everyone who worked on team-Xtra.

In the promo shots you’ve got your signature shorts on…

They had all the costumes lined up on the rail when we arrived and they’d picked out shorts for me, it’s not like I insisted on only wearing shorts! I’m really looking forward to the costumes. They’re such a big part of it you have to embrace it. If you were in plain clothes it wouldn’t make sense.

What did Jack [Caroline’s boyfriend] think?

He found it hilarious. I kept it secret for a long time, which is really weird. I didn’t tell him, it was really like keeping a secret from my boyfriend. So I took him out for dinner and told him and he just paused and stared at me and went; ‘What?’ He’s never seen me dance – ever – so obviously this is going to be really new for him. I’m not letting him come to the shows for a while, until I’m good!

Which dance are you dreading?

The waltz. That looks really hard.

By Robyn Munson