Caroline Flack On Who She Would Pair Up With On Love Island

It’s the Love Island finale night, and host Caroline Flack’s just done the most epic Q&A. Could this night get any better?!

Before she kicked off tonight’s final, Caroline decided to finally answer those burning Love Island questions we’ve been dying to hear her answers to. And boy, she didn’t let us down.

First of all, what was her funniest moment of the 2016 series?

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‘When Kady and Olivia were stuck in the Hideaway when Scott had his date with Tina, and Kady had a massive meltdown’, Caroline said. ‘At that moment I thought, we’ve all got an inner Kady. Love her.’ Couldn’t agree more, Flack.

Favourite Adam metaphor?

‘When he described Katie as an egg whilst describing the girls as a bag of Haribo’, she replied. Yep, TOTALLY with you on that one. 



Now, for how she felt about that awful moment when she had to tell Rachel that Rykard had slept with Olivia. Was she nervous?

‘Yes’, she admitted. ‘I was more worried than nervous. I practised alot about how I was gonna break it to her. I was shaking and it was horrible.’ Aw, Cazza!

Next up, Caroline let slip her highlight of the series. And as we’d already guessed, her secret favourites are Olivia and Alex.

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‘I’m a really big Olivia fan’, Caroline admitted. ‘I felt for her throughout the series, because I feel like in her past she’s been let down and I want her to find nice guy. So when Alex told her for the first time how he real felt, he got it so spot on and she had a little tear toll down her cheek… We’ve all been there before when we want the guy to say those exact words to us, and I think I cried.’

Finally, come on Cazzam we all want to know – who would SHE pick to couple up with if she were on the Island?

‘Well, thats for me to know and for you guys to never find out’, she said cyptically. Spoil sport.