Caroline Flack Oozes Body Confidence In Underwear Selfie

Caroline Flack is gorgeous. But you didn’t need us to tell you that. 

The TV presenter’s Instagram has garnered a lot of attention this week, after she posted a sizzling selfie in her undies whilst on the set for an unknown photo shoot. 

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The 36-year-old seemed keen to show off the results of her new workout regime, snapping her toned bod’ whilst wearing some blue knickers and a plain white tee. 


Way to ooze body confidence, Flackers. We LOVE it. 

Whilst it can be understood that the comments would be all about how ‘hot’ she looks (and there were plenty), it was, in fact, one particular body part that seemed to attract most of the attention. 

Yup, fans noticed that the hand that was resting on the table seemed to be at a very peculiar angle.  

Comments included: ‘Awkward hand!! …turkey foot’, ‘How do you bend your wrist like that @carolineflack???’and ‘Ur elbow is seriously freaking me out, cease this immediately’ [sic].  

Hmm. Perhaps she’s double jointed? 

Caroline Flack has been sharing her fitness journey on Instagram


In any case, no-one was really complaining, as the love soon started to pile up. Comments of praise included, ‘Flawless skin’ and ‘Looking hot, girl!’. 

One fan wrote, ‘I think I actually love this lady’. 

Yup. We’re right there with you.