Cara Delevingne talks about her long-standing Kate Moss crush

Cara Delevingne’s Childhood Thoughts On Kate Moss Cool

Kate Moss will be unveiling her highly-anticipated new Topshop collection later today, and in her honour fellow British super Cara Delevingne has been spilling about her childhood crush on the legendary style icon.

Singing Ms Moss’s praises, the 21-year-old tomboy-turned-catwalk-strutter speaks openly in a candid new video about Kate’s infleunce on her unexpected foray into the world of fashion, and also about how Topshop was always her and her mates’ go-to shopping haunt.

‘I was never into fashion that much when I was a kid but Kate Moss, I just knew exactly who she was’, Cara admits. ‘She was the face. She was the icon.’

‘As soon as I heard that she was working with Topshop it was just perfect’, she continued. ‘It was like, London brand meets London girl. The London girl.’

See what else Cara has to say about Kate and that collab in her kooky confessional below…

By Robyn Munson

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