Cara Delevingne Morphs Into Her Furry Model Friend

Instagram: @CaraDelevingne

Cara Delevingne has undergone one of her fiercest makeovers yet for the September issue of Garage Magazine.  

Now, we all know the saying about dog owners turning into their pooches, but Cara’s just gone one step further with her furry model friend as she turns Icelandic ice queen for her edgy new spread.

In the sneak peek shot unveiled on Instagram, Cara is seen morphing into her too-cute mop-haired Komondor friend as her long platinum blonde dreadlocks perfectly mimic the Hungarian sheepdog’s thick, matted white coat. 

‘@garage_magazine sneak preview! Deep breeding @chaosfashiondotcom @stockdalecharlotte @katielyall ❤️#september4th’, the British model wrote alongside the snap. 

And that’s not the only cool hair-over we can expect from the mag’s September issue either, oh no. 

Cara’s model BFF Jourdan Dunn also features with a whole new barnet of her own, as she’s seen working a long white blong wig, red knickers, suspenders and a pill-print sweater for the ‘More More More’ spread. 

Which makeover do you prefer? Let us know below…

By Robyn Munson