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Cara Delevingne Looks Ethereal For Her Big Screen Debut

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No stranger to the limelight, Cara Delevingne has fast become one of the most sought after faces in the country.

Transcending supermodel status, Cara’s become one of our favourite celebrities, partying with BFF Rihanna and the legendary Kate Moss.

We were excited to see her foray into film in the latest teaser of Chanel’s fashion movie, with none other than Pharrel Williams. But now we’ve got a reason to get even more excited – Ms Delevingne is breaking into the movie world!

Cara-D has shared the trailor for the all new Peter Pan film – and here we get a first glimpse of the Mulberry model’s #Mermazing part.

Do you remember watching Disney’s version and wishing to be a mermaid? Well, we certainly do, and now we’ve got even MORE reason to dream of being a beautiful supernatural swimmer, as Cara has loaned her enviable looks to the character. We can’t really think of a more award-winning combination.

If this trailor is anything to go by, Pan is not to be missed. With a star studded cast that also includes Amanda Seyfried and Hugh Jackman, it’s one very big reason to look forward to 2015.

Kickstarting her new career, we’re wondering if we’ll be seeing more of Cara on our TV screens instead of the glossy fashion mags…

By Laura Jane Turner