Cara Delevingne Dons Pink Wig For Kitsch Love Magazine Shoot

Cara Delevingne‘s love affair with Love Magazine continues, as the model strips off for Issue 12 of the cool cult publication.

The 21-year-old pow-browed beauty has gone topless for the third time this month following her scantily clad antics in Bali and a new flesh baring shoot for Mulberry.

And her latest provocative model work sees Cara transformed into a nearly naked ’60s-style sexpot, complete with long flowing pink My Little Pony mane and retro knee high white leather boots.

Sharing a shot of her riding a giant Drumstick amid a sea of candy-coloured balls, bags, boots and lollipops, Ms D wrote: ‘@kegrand @phoebearnold @thelovemagazine @thelizcollins COMING SOON .’

Another shot shows Cara lying on a bed of flying saucers wearing an emerald green wig (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, anyone?), with the words: ‘It’s hard to control myself’ stamped across the image.

Someone on set clearly had a sweet tooth. We can’t wait to see the fun shoot in full next month…

By Robyn Munson


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