Cara Delevingne's Caraoke video for Love magazine is all kinds of cool...

Cara Delevingne Does Cool ‘Caraoke’ In New Video…

Cara Delevingne recently teased us with a sneaky snap of her upcoming cover shoot for Love magazine, and now we get to see even more of the cool collaboration with this super-cute video.

Now we all knew Cara was multi-talented, but this video showcases one talent we definitely didn’t know about – her lip-syncing skills. And if anyone can pull off a two minute lip-sync to J-Lo and LL Cool J’s hit ‘Control Myself’, it has to be Miss Delevingne.

Lying on a bed of retro-style, rainbow coloured flying saucer sweets – which inevitably tempts Cara during the vid- the 21-year-old, model-of-the-moment rocks a green wig, a fuchsia plastic anorak worn over a polka dot top, finished off with some super-kitsch floral ear muffs. So far, so cool.

We reckon this is the most fun we’ve ever seen Cara have on a photoshoot, and her impressive improvised dance moves (as much as can be expected lying on a pile of sweets) are too good not to mention, too.

So why not check it out for yourself (below), and see this Brit chick rock out in true supermodel style…

By Barbara McMillan

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