Cara Delevingne On Her “Pretty Sad” Childhoood

It’s no secret that Pandora Delevingne once battled a heroin addiction and with her new memoir coming out, her youngest daughter Cara has opened up about what she dealt with during this difficult time. Speaking to OK! magazine, Cara described her childhood as a “pretty sad” time.

The actress revealed: “As a child I suffered a lot because I wasn’t able to spend much time with her and then at 15 this terrible wave of depression hit me…School was a nightmare for me and life felt awful.”

Cara went on to explain that this is one of the reasons that she doesn’t restrict what she says or does as much as other people in the public eye might:

“Keeping the kid inside you is also a way of keeping your creativity and spontaneity. That’s why I never want to grow up. I want to stay very alive and open…I find that always watching what you say in public is a huge waste of time and a really horrible way to live because it’s so restrictive.”

Cara went on: “I know people are very preoccupied with what they say and do, and try to say what the public wants to hear. I can’t live that way. The only real limit I have is what I say about my private life.”

Poppy and Cara Delevingne with their parents. Poppy and Cara Delevingne with their parents.

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Explaining why she might not always come across in the best way, Cara said:

“I know something I might say because I’m trying to be funny or because I’m tired or in a bad mood might get me into trouble and then people might feel entitled to judge you…I still think though, it’s easier for me to be myself and be willing to say I am who I am.”

The gorgeous model-turned-actress got herself into a bit of bother a few months ago after having a very awkward interview whilst promoting her film, Paper Towns. Explaining herself afterwards by tweeting that Americans don’t understand the British sense of humour, you can say for sure that Cara is sticking to her mantra of always being herself and we kind of love that!

By Amy de Klerk