Instagram Has Now Banned #Goddess… What Next?

Jus days after Instagram brought back banned word #curvy, it’s only gone and said we can’t use #goddess anymore.

Apparently, it’s because too much naughty content is being shared around #goddess (really?!), so it’s all part of their censorship strategy. Still, we’ve bandied around that term plenty of times when crushing on J Lo’s bod during #wcw, so we feel a little slighted.

The #curvy ban caused major uproar for being a step too far in the censorship stakes, so we can only imagine the chaos this even more confusing blacklisting will provoke.

Will Instagram be retracting this decision too? Earlier this week, the social media platform agreed to bring back #curvy, saying in a statement:

> No more #goddess to crush on J Lo? Ugh…


‘We want people to be able to express themselves, and hashtags are a great way to do that. At the same time, we have a responsibility to act when we see hashtags being used to spread inappropriate content to our community.’ 

‘In the case of #curvy, we don’t like putting restrictions around a term that many people use in very positive ways, so we have decided to unblock the hashtag while taking steps to ensure that it’s not used as a vehicle for bad content.’

When #curvy was first blacklisted last week, it’s fair to say there was major uproar.

In light of the ongoing campaign against eating disorders, Instagram’s decision to block the search function for #curvy has prompted a pretty big backlash. And when #thinspiration and #skinny are still searchable – albeit with a warning concerning eating disorders – we say quite rightly too!

However, a spokesperson for the site has said that the hashtag was in fact leading to pornographic images: ‘I can confirm that we did block the hashtag #curvy. It was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity. Please note that the block has nothing to do with the term ‘curvy’ itself.’

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The social media site has been clamping down on their nudity guidelines for quite some time now, stating that users may not post, “violent, nude, partially nude, pornographic or sexually suggestive” photos.

That said, it is still possible to search for #vagina, #clitoris and #penis which seems a little odd.

It seems we aren’t the only ones questioning Instagram’s recent actions, either. When a topless picture posted by Madonna was removed shortly afterwards, the popstar posted a fully nude photo of herself to her 3.5 million followers captioned: “Why is it ok to show ass but not breasts? Drowning in the hypocrisy of social media #artforfreedom #unapologeticbitch #rebelheart”. Go Mads!

It doesn’t stop there. Users have been keen to express their anger at the #curvy revelation. 




Ooh, er. Speaking of censorship on the whole, the brains behind the app previously told Mashable: “We try hard to find a good balance between allowing people to express themselves creatively and having policies in place to maintain a comfortable experience for our global and culturally diverse community. This is one reason why our guidelines put limitations on nudity, but we recognize that we don’t always get it right.” Could the banning of this seeminlgy innocent word be an error then?

By Bridie Wilkins