Why Calvin Harris Refuses To Work With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris might be one of the cutest couples in showbiz, but there’s one thing we definitely won’t see them doing together.

Nope, we’re not talking about getting engaged or having babies (we mean, we’re not making any assumptions, but our romantic selves LOVE imagining that that’s on the cards for the pair) – we mean working together.

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> Calvin has reportedly refused to work with girlfriend Taylor


Because apparently, Calvin’s just not interested.

Taylor might be a million dollar recording artist with more awards than she can probably fit in her house, but the Scottish DJ has apparently stated that he has no desire to collaborate with her. 

‘They know he attacks amazing names because everyone wants to work with him’, a source told The Sun. ‘They floated the idea of him working with Taylor but he politely declined it.’

> Taylor and Calvin have been dating for nearly a year now


So, what’s with Calvin rejecting Swifty?! Well, it kind of makes sense, when you think about it.

After working with ex-girlfriend Rita Ora on I Will Never Let You Down, Calvin has reportedly learnt that mixing business and pleasure can be dangerous. 

‘Calvin has seen how sour things can turn when working with someone he’s dating’, the source added. ‘He is very serious about Taylor and doesn’t want to rock the boat. He’s smitten.’

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Naw. We’ll let him off then. 

Instead, the How Deep Is Your Love creator apparently has his eye on another smoking’ hot superstar. 

‘He is in talks with Beyoncé as he’s always wanted the pair to work together. She is a big fan’, the source added. Bey for Tay? It’s a pretty decent swap, if you ask us.