Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair Stylist Spills All

Photos: Instagram: @CaitlynJennerSupport / Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

When Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair pictures were revealed on Monday, the whole world stood for a moment in amazement at how sensational she looked. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, the stunning star was styled by the magazine’s incredible fashion and style director, Jessica Diehl, who has since spoken out about how her and the cover model got to those final outfit choices.

“I think she has a pretty idea of what makes her feel good, and those are classic silhouettes. She has a fantastic physique. It’s just a totally well-taken-care-of physique. She’s an athlete, so the muscle tone is incredible. She’s slim, and her proportions are very easy to dress,” Jessica explained.

While she avoided trend-driven, risque styles like her very famous daughters would have picked, Caitlyn wanted to go a little more classic.

“We tried everything. We had basically a three- or four-hour fitting. I have to say, out of that three- or four-hour fitting, there were only two things we did not like. Everything looks good on her.”

> Caitlyn looking amazing on her Vanity Fair photoshoot.

Explaining how incredibly confident Caitlyn is in her own skin, Jessica said:

“I’d like a slice out of that confidence pie. She was comfortable, confident, and has absolutely no reason not to be. It was probably the most exciting thing to see – there real joy in her feeling comfortable and happy in her skin. It was amazing. I don’t usually get super-sentimental about things, but that was probably the most emotional and open experience I have ever had on a shoot.”

“It was really meant to feel like the most ‘welcome to the club’ kind of experience. I can’t describe it – we all bawled our eyes out at the end. And I am not a crier. It was the most personal experience. It was more than just taking pictures.”

And what’s next for Caitlyn? Well, after her record-breaking Twitter debut (1 million followers faster than anyone else ever has) and a sensational first photo shoot, speculation is rife that next on the agenda will be a fashion or beauty campaign. Page Six have already reported that MAC have held a number of meetings with the Olympian – the make-up giant is owned by Estee Lauder (of whom Caitlyn’s daughter Kendall is the face) – meaning this really could spell the next Jenner takeover! Only time will tell…

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By Amy de Klerk