Brooklyn Decker Talks To LOOK

Brooklyn Decker, model turned actress and star of Just Go With It chats to LOOK about bikini rivalry with her co-star and girl crush Jennifer Aniston, and why Hob Nobs are her guilty pleasure..

LOOK: Just Go With It is your first big screen role after a hugely successful modeling career. How was the experience?

BD: I was completely terrified, so nervous… Jen [Jennifer Aniston] and Adam [Sandler] are my idols and I grew up watching both of them.I was so starstruck. The first day I met Jennifer Aniston I think I maybe said two words to her because every time I tried to say something it was like I had verbal vomit!

LOOK: How was it working with Ms Aniston?

BD: She’s wonderful. I think she’s just the ideal woman in Hollywood. I mean, to find a beautiful woman who is good at comedy and drama is a rarity and I appreciate she can do it. She’s so beautiful and yet somehow incredibly relatable.

LOOK: Is she tiny in real life?

BD: Yes! But then I’m like 5ft 9ins so I’m a giant compared to most people in Hollywood. She’s so little and petite and the cutest thing. She has these giant eyes. They’re like big pools of blue, so beautiful, and I caught myself drooling a few times staring at her.

LOOK: Was there any friendly rivalry between you and Jennifer Aniston during those well-publicised bikini scenes?

BD: I think it’s been written about that there was but there really wasn’t. I was staring at her with envy because she looks so darn good and her abs are ripped and she just looks beautiful. But it was actually fun. We were shooting in Hawaii in these waterfalls and all of us were pinching ourselves.

LOOK: How does it compare to modeling?

BD: As a model everything is very contrived, it’s very posed, it’s very meticulous, but with acting it’s sort of the opposite. It’s well thought-out but it’s very spontaneous and it’s supposed to feel very natural and not posed at all. I actually had more fun doing the acting than I did the modeling.

LOOK: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

BD: Sugar! I love candy and when I come over to England it’s digestives and Hob-Nobs. We don’t have those in the States and they’re delicious!

Just Go With It is out now on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.