Why This £15 T-Shirt Is Guaranteed To Sell Out

Bravo, Boohoo

Slogan t-shirts come and go. There was River Island’s sell-out ‘Gracieux’ tee, then everyone went crazy for Ganni’s croissant creation. But now, Boohoo has launched something set to take over all the rest; one for ‘all girls’.

It comes as part of their new #allgirls campaign, championing diversity among women, and costs just £15. The thinking behind the ‘all girls’ slogan is pretty self-explanatory, but the brand has cemented the idea with what may well be the best campaign video we’ve ever seen.

There’s tall girls, short girls, black girls, white girls, girls with dreadlocks, girls with pixie cuts, girls with tattoos, girls without tattoos- you name it, the video features literally every type of girl you can think of.

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Boohoo adds: “Girls come in all shapes and sizes. Some light up a room and some hide in the shadows. Some are bold and others quietly confident. Some want to look good and some want to feel good. We see you. Boohoo recognises individuality. We embrace it. We are absolutely inclusive of all shapes and sizes, all styles and trends. We make fashion accessible and fun. Boohoo is for girls. All girls.”

Now do you see why we’re such big fans of the t-shirt? Thought so. And if that’s not enough to convince you to buy one, it’s not out until tomorrow, while our inside intel tells us that many a celeb and influencer is set to show support with their very own. That gives us an entire night to plan the perfect selfie and beat them to it. Ready, set, go.