Blue Ivy Upstages Beyoncé In Gorgeous Snap

As one of the world’s most famous women, Beyonce has a bit of a habit of stealing the spotlight from others and it seems like her little tot is going to be no different.

After the superstar posted a series of gorgeous snaps on her website, we were swooning not only over Beyoncé‘s amazing style but also of little Blue running into shot showing off her curly hairdo. We can’t imagine too many people getting the chance to photo bomb Beyoncé, and certainly not so adorably! Whatever it was that caught the tot’s attention, it was enough to send her careering into mamma’s shot, and Beyonce looks pretty amused by it.

Wearing a Givenchy coat and a Jonathan Simkhai colour-block twinset, Bey looked her usual gorgeous self – even if she was slightly upstaged by her adorable daughter. Because we’re lovely (and because it’s Christmas), we’ve found some whopper high-street alternatives to recreate and rock Beyonce’s designer look.

This gorgeous pale-pink pencil from River Island can be teamed with a cheap-as-chips ASOS striped tee and an M&S camel coat to get Bey’s stunning look for much less.

Beyoncé has had – as ever – a jam-packed year full of so many accomplishments that we all feel like we’ve spent 2014 asleep in comparison. With two tours, a new album, a documentary, a nail-art line, a sportswear range in collaboration with Topshop and many more achievements, she has certainly earned a very relaxing Christmas break!

And as for little Blue Ivy, we are hoping she sneaks into more of Mum’s photos because we can’t get enough of that little grin.

By Amie-Jo Locke