Blue Ivy’s Outrageous Dressing Room Demands

Just days after North West went on her hilarious paparazzi rant refusing to have her photo taken, TMZ has revealed three-year-old Blue Ivy’s hilarious dressing room requests while on tour with her parents.

As you would expect from the spawn of international superstars Beyoncé and Jay Z, the tot goes against what every regular child would ask for, but what she demands is even more outrageous than we would ever have imagined.

It starts with childproofing absolutely everything in the dressing room: “The entire suite must be childproofed with all corners, sharp edges, and electrical outlets covered, and statues, lamps and breakable objects removed.” (We’re guessing that one comes from protective parents Bey and Jay Z.)

> North West went on a paparazzi rant last week insisting “No photos please!”


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As for her own personal drink requests, baby Blue Ivy insists on one thing and one thing only – organic whole milk. Bearing in mind her mother’s penchant for veganism, we’re pretty shocked it’s not nut milk she’d rather, but a toddler’s request for anything near organic is pretty hard for us to fathom.

Daddy Jay Z, meanwhile, has his own demands. Yep, while Kanye insists on 13 bottles of booze (racking up a cool £2075) at each and every show, Jay Z asks that his dressing rooms come stocked with Ace of Spades champagne only. Talk about fussy!

On the whole, quite a few Hollywood “threenagers” have been making a name for themselves lately. And while North West’s demands are yet to have surfaced, we’re chomping at the bit to see what the Balmain-wearing paparazzi-attacking two-year-old asks for in her dressing room. If it’s anything like mummy Kim Kardashian or daddy Kanye’s predilections for all things expensive, we’re predicting only big things.