7 Times Blue Ivy Gave Us Ultimate Sass

Blue Ivy Carter is one cutester that we all can’t help falling in love with.

Come on, when your parents are Jay Z and Beyoncé Knowles you were never EVER going to become anything but the world’s coolest child right? Between beating the streets with Dad in customised leather and upstaging Mom in countless Instagram snaps, Blue Ivy is hands down the sassiest preschooler on the planet. Fact.

And to celebrate this stylish tot turning a whole four years old, we’ve rounded up 7 of her sassiest moments.

1.Channeling MJ with Mom

And the prize for best Halloween costume goes to…

Yep, when Bey decided to dress Blue Ivy up as hero Michael Jackson the internet suffered a cuteness crash. And Blue owned it.

> Blue Ivy is one Smooth Criminal….

2. Hanging out backstage

Proof that Blue Ivy can rock it behind the scenes as well on the world stage. She isn’t even in this pic and she’s already cooler than us.

> One for Mama, one for Blue

3. Like mother like daughter

Blue Ivy isn’t about to let Mama Bey hog the limelight. She’s already got her mother’s mannerisms down pat. Plus, she’s wearing a crown. Boom.

> Blue Ivy shows Beyoncé how to catch a laugh

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4. Wearin’ my leather

There are no words. This baby is badass.

> Struttin with pops…

5. Owning the Vogue shoot

There’s only one person on the entire planet that can upstage Beyoncé. And that’s baby girl.

> We can’t deal with how adorable Blue Ivy looks in this….

6. Baby’s got MAD art skills

If performing ain’t Blue’s thing, then we think a fine arts career is def on the cards.

> Blue Ivy is already demonstrating some well good art skills….

7. And finally, when Blue Ivy wore THAT dress

There aren’t many instances when we can say that about a toddler, but come on…Blue Ivy isn’t just your average kid. 50% Bey’s style, 50% Jay’s swagger. 100% adorable.

> Blue definitely don’t have dirt on her shoulder…

Pictures: Instagram/Rex