Blogger Lily Melrose’s Twitter Takeover: Highlights

Blogger Lily Melrose, winner of LOOK’s Blogging Competition in 2010, was in the LOOK office on Thursday 4th August 2011 and, for one whole hour, she took over LOOK’s Twitter account to answer YOUR questions about all things blogging-related. If you missed Lily’s Twitter takeover, here’s just a few Q&As we liked….
  • Q: @BeckyMay : “How did your blogging life change after you won the LOOK competition? Xo”
  • A: Lily: “It really inspired me to keep going and do things I never thought I’d be able to do, i.e London Fashion Week”

  • Q: @Egg_white Lizzie Evans: “I’m new to blogging & don’t have the biggest following. Is it still worth entering the Look competition you think? What do you think made your Look competition blog entry stand out from the others?”
  • A: Lily: “It really doesnt matter how many followers you have! I didnt have that many when I entered! I didn’t have to do a blog entry post, but just be yourself and creative, be different! Photos, videos, etc.”
  • Q: @LDNshopaholic: “What do you think makes your blog stand out from others?”
  • A: Lily: “Just be yourself. Try to offer readers something new. I’ve tried to keep my blog consistent, i.e. my outfit pose”   
  • Q:  @sophiekeen Sophie Keen: “Best piece of advice you’ve received, in general and about blogging?”
  • A: Lily: “Write a blog you’d like to read yourself! Be yourself & develop your own style!” 
  • Q: @ohkirstiejones Kirstie Jones: “What do your real life friends think about your blog? I know mine would take the mick of my posing!”
  • A: Lily: “They think it’s funny! but I don’t really care! At the end of the day I’m doing something I love and I’m proud of!” 
  • Q: @_gininteacups Madeleine Evison: “If you’re just buying a couple of pieces you can mix and match (instead of lots), what do you recommend buying?”
  • A: Lily: “High waisted skirts as you can put them over dresses, tops, jumpers – they go with practically anything! I’m wearing one now!”


Feeling inspired? Enter this year’s LOOK blogging competition now. You can read the full Q&A on LOOK’s Twitter profile and by searching the hashtag #LilyAtLook.