Blake Lively’s Pregnancy Style Keeps Getting Chicer

All hail the return of Serena van der Woodsen!

When we clocked Blake Lively doing a bit of shoppning in New York yesterday, we were taken straight back to the set of Gossip Girl, when we would lust over the blonde bombshelll’s killer heel collection and wardrobe full of skinnies and chic coats.

Because being pregnant isn’t dampening the actress’s fashion sense one bit. In fact, it just keeps getting chicer and chicer.

The 27-year-old’s latest glam city get-up consisted of a slate sweater and J Brand leather leggings, topped off with a fur-trimmed charcoal cape and a Celine trapeze tote.

But it was those sky-high booties with cream contrast heel that really had our jaws dropping. Tottering on skinny stilettos with that baby bump is no mean feat! 

This high-impact cape screams drama, and is so Serena it hurts – good job we’ve found this amazing lookallike from Missguided, then.

Super soft and with a rippling faux fur trim, it’s the perfect investment to keep you looking glam and keep out the cold this festive season.

Wear for sledging, snowballs and christmas shopping!

By Robyn Munson