Blake Lively’s Easy Peasy Hair Secret Is One To Copy

Blake Lively has just revealed the secret behind her impossibly shiny, thick, luscious locks. It’s a happy day for us all.

The 26-year-old Gossip Girl star has spilled that her HD ready hair comes courtosy of her whopping great big tub of… coconut oil.

Coconuts have been having a moment ever since being hailed as the new ‘superfoo’d. And Blake swears by the all-natural miracle product, which helps to boost shine and strength and also acts as a nifty tonic for the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. We’re sold.

Blake recommends ‘putting it on the ends of your hair before you shampoo’ to create soft, conditioned tresses. Or for an extra moisture dose, apply all over your hair and sleep in a shower cap for a homemade conditioning mask.

We’re big fans of Fushi’s Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (£5.55) as unlike most coconut oils, Fushi’s is cold-pressed, unrefined, pure and virgin – meaning that you can also use it on your skin and nails, in smoothies or even for removing make-up. 

We’d go for two tubs at a time if we were you. Because let’s face it, once this secret’s out, a monster sell-out is inevitable.

By Robyn Munson


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