Blake Lively Reckons She Looks Like A Potato… Yes, Really

Blake Lively has just come out with one of the most unlikely statements of all time – she thinks she can look like a potato. Yep, you heard us.

The former Gossip Girl star has a body and wardrobe to die for, yet it turns out she still has her hang-ups like the rest of us. Phew!

And in a new interview with People Magazine, Blake reveals why she’s become known for her figure-hugging showstopping frocks and high-waisted minis. And why she never uses a stylist…

‘There are things that I see on Kate Moss and think, “I have to have that,” but when I try it on me I look like a potato’, the 26-year-old actress confessed. 

We can’t quite see how Mossy’s skinny jeans and leather biker combos could end up with Blake’s lithe bod resembling a large, round, carby vegetable, but hey. We’ll take her word for it.

And Blake didn’t stop there when it came to comparing herself to surprising inanimate objects. The actress also reckons that she looks like the ‘cargo part of an airplane’ if she wears something that isn’t cinched at the waist.

‘I don’t like to wear things that don’t look right on my body… That 1920s drop waist, or even ’60s mod’, she continued. 

‘If you don’t cinch in the waist it looks like I’m just hiding, you know, animals? I just start to look like the cargo part of an airplane.’

Really though, Blake?! We reckon it’s just an excuse to snap up more gorgeous corseted Chanel frocks for the red carpet.

And who could blame her…

By Robyn Munson