Blake Lively Gives A Refreshing Shout Out To Her Spanx

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Blake Lively has been busy showing off another one of her gorgeous fashion collaborations – this time, with US brand Sam & Lavi.

We first saw her working the design during her Age Of Adelaine press tour (where she worked a whopping TEN outfits in a day), and now the former Gossip Girl star’s showed her palm-print beauty in dress and jumpsuit form on Instagram.

Sharing a snap of her and her jewellery designer BFF Ofira Sandberg working her two new designs, Blake wrote: ‘#FashionFaceOff with the only woman who can make me look like a toddler @ofirajewelz Which do you guys like: Dress or jumpsuit?!’ 

> Blake Lively wore her new palm-print design during her Age Of Adelaine press tour


She continued: ‘I co-designed this collection too with the trusty Sam & Lavi. (I’m just boasting now because you guys fluffed me so much on the last post. Beware: don’t feed the ducks flattery. It dangerously swells their ego. And tummies apparently. Someone pass the spanx).’

Spanx?! We do NOT see the need for anything in the body-shaping department Blake, you look GORGE. Still, we can’t say we’re not fans ourselves…

The 27-year-old recently spoke out about how she’s in no hurry to lose her baby weight after welcoming baby James to the world. 

> We don’t see ANY need for Spanx here, Blake…


‘I’m still 15 pounds heavier so it’s nice that people think I lost my baby weight,’ she recently said. ‘I still haven’t lost a pretty good chunk of it, but it’s also the pressure – who cares?’ 

‘There’s pressure to lose it, or women are like supposed to look like they did when they were 19 right after you give birth to your child, I think it’s silly’, she added. Amen to that, honey!

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> Kim Kardashian and Millie Mackintosh both wear Spanx to maintain the perfect hourglass


But back to the Spanx. Blake’s long been a fan of the tummy-hugging shapewear  – even back in her Gossip Girl days. 

Eric Damon, costume designer for the hit TV show, once famously said of the ladies of the cast: “They don’t [diet]. They just get some good underwear and they’re fine. I say, just enjoy yourself. If you put on a couple of pounds, then great, buy some Spanx.’

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