Blake Lively: ‘I’m 20 Pounds Heavier Than I Normally Am’

Blake Lively only gave birth to daughter James four months ago, but she’s already working those bodycon frocks as effortlessly as she used to.

Well, apart from at the 2015 Met Gala of course, where the actress was a mysterious no-show. So what happened? ‘Blake RSVP’d a month ago and said she couldn’t make it’, her agent has just said. ‘She is shooting back-to-back movies in China and Bangkok.’

Hmm, we’re a little confused. Wasn’t it Blake we saw posing for Age Of Adelaine promo shots in New York (yep, the same city that the Met Gala was held in) just five hours before the star-studded event? Yes, yes it was.

We think someone may have been telling porkies…

Still, Met Gala drama aside, LOOK caught up with this week’s cover girl to find out how her hair and beauty tips, and how her body has changed since becoming a mama (and a very hot one, at that).


It’s only been four months since you gave birth – how has motherhood changed you?

I’m later to interviews. [Laughs] That’s how it’s changed. My boobs are awesome. I come from a very close family, so family was always the most important thing in our lives. I always joke that I’m going to have to pay for a lot of therapy later, because I always tell my nieces and nephews that I am their real birth mother, and that I just loaned them to their mother. 


How did you get back in shape so quickly? It felt like you were back in the red carpet gowns in a matter of days!

I’m still 20 pounds heavier than I normally am. But it’s all up here [points to her breasts]. Yeah, it’s all in the left boob. [But] no. I dress right and you sort of accept that certain things don’t look the way that they did before you were pregnant, and just hope that it’ll come off eventually.


You’re the face of L’Oreal. What are your top beauty tips? Your hair is always beautifully tamed and glossy….

Only when you see it! Oh gosh, my mum is the MacGyver of beauty tips. If she doesn’t have makeup on her she’s been known to lick an Advil [red coated pain relief pill] and use it as blush or lips. She actually used ashes from an ashtray for eye shadow once. Like, she will always make it work, for better or worse. But I don’t want to suggest Advil or ashtrays… Working with L’Oreal was actually really cool because I went to their cosmetics factory. I love their Color Riche lipstick, which I always wear. And I like a good mascara. It can be drugstore [brand] mascara or fancy pants mascara. I always have a good lipstick and a good mascara. And an Advil, just in case!


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