Blake Lively: 125 Reasons We Love The Birthday Girl!

Blake Lively has a lot to celebrate, what with her blockbuster film career, an oh-so cute pooch called Penny and a hot piece of man-candy in the form of Ryan Reynolds, not to mention one of the most enviable wardrobes in celebville…

We imagine our favouite Gossip Girl will be doing some serious celebrating as she turns 25! We bet Blake’ll be tucking into a slice of birthday cake with a glass of champagne in hand, Serena van der Woodsen-style. The only question on our lips is, what do you get the girl who has everything? We’re sure another pair of Christian Louboutins wouldn’t go amiss… Happy Birthday, Blake! ME

Take a look at Blake Lively’s fabulous fashion file below and see why she’s one of our favourite style icons!