Binky Chats Body Shaming, Date Nights & Her Contouring Secret

Binky fans rejoice – the Made In Chelsea star is back with another In The Style collection. Following the success of her AW16 range, Binks has designed a new collection of pieces for summer, and it does not disappoint. We caught up with the star to find out more…

Hi Binky! The collection looks great. Do you have a favourite piece?

Thanks so much! I’ve got two favourites. I love the shirt dress –  it comes in five colours and we had to make more because it sold out in an hour! I also love the blue and white dress (below). It’s quite relaxed and so versatile. You can put it over a bikini on the beach or I’ve also worn it in London. There’s something in the collection for everyone, regardless of their body shape. 

Binky’s fave shirt dress

Is that something you bear in mind when you’re designing? Do you think about different body shapes?

I hate my hips and I don’t mind my legs so I tend to dress for that!  The big thing for me is being comfortable – I like to eat food and not worry about being bloated or holding my tummy in the whole time. Charlotte and Billy (who also have In The Style collections) have very different styles to me and their pieces reflect this. Charlotte’s collection has got a lot more bodycon dresses and that’s not me, my style is much more boho chic.

You look amazing at the moment. Do you have any tips for people wanting to start hitting the gym? It must be difficult for you trying to fit in around your hectic schedule?

I’m fortunate that I don’t have a 9-5 job. When I did have an office job I found it hard to drag myself to the gym after a long day.

How do you find that motivation?

I get up and have a cup of coffee and go straight away first thing. I smash an hour of high intensity cardio and core work with my personal trainer and then I’ll have some rye bread with salmon and scrambled eggs, or maybe some egg whites with tuna and spinach. Then I normally have a fairly big lunch and then – depending if I’m hungover or not  – a normal dinner. I’ve allowed myself a few cheat days recently because I think it’s important not to be too regimented. I love food and I wouldn’t be happy not being able to eat what I want.

Binky’s casual go-to

When would you say you feel your most confident?

I feel my most confident and happy after a session at the gym. That’s when I feel like I can wear anything.

Body shaming on social media is a big thing now. What do you think about it?

I think girls are silly who Facetune their bodies to within an inch of their life, I’m sorry but you’re going to get found out! I may have smoothed a bruise on my leg away using Facetune but I’ve never changed my shape. You’ll see me on TV or pictures of me or in real life and you’ll see that I’ve done that. It’s a shame people feel the need to do that. Having said that, it’s each to their own!

So is your response to just ignore it?

You’re going to get trolls. I think if you’re in the public eye you have to accept it.

Have you got any friends in mind when you’re designing?

Not particularly, it tends to start off with what I personally like and feedback we’ve had.  We’ve had such a higher demand of bigger sizes and now we go up to a size 18. People always ask me which celebrities I would like to wear the collection but for me I just love seeing the public in it!

Binky’s collection is suitable for all shapes and sizes

You seem to have had a lot of feedback on the pieces.

On Instagram people aren’t shy to give you their opinion! We look through the comments, and that’s how we found out that people wanted bigger sizes. It’s very easy for people to think I have no involvement with the design but it’s not like that. I love working with the designers and putting my opinions across.

Had you done any designing before you started working with In The Style?

No, the most I had done was drawing girls in dresses when I was at nursery! I wasn’t fashionable. I used to wear holey jumpers and leggings – the cameraman used to have to give me their clothes because I dressed so badly!

What are your high street go-tos?

Topshop – I love the boutique section at the bottom. River Island is always great, and I also like All Saints, Cos and & Other Stories.

Your makeup also always looks amazing. Have you got any contouring tips?

My makeup artist does the best contouring, and he uses a palette by a brand called Iconic. What he has taught me is that if you’re doing it yourself you just need to suck in your cheeks and apply the lightest colour where the light hits. I tend to keep my makeup quite natural unless I’ve got a big event. My boyfriend Josh always tells me not to wear too much makeup so that makes it easier!

Binky’s date night dress

Is it hard having a relationship in the public eye? Do you find the constant scrutiny difficult to deal with?

If you allow it to get to you, it is. I’ve done the show for five years now and you have to just build up a tolerance up to it. There will always be ups and downs in every relationship, and if it’s on camera people are going to have an opinion. You can’t let the public get into your head.

What would a typical date night for you two be like?

We don’t do many date nights at the moment – I’ve told him we’ve got to start! We go to the cinema, out for dinner and I love to cook. Getting out of London to the country is nice, too.

You’ve got your bikini range coming out soon as well. What makes you feel confident in a bikini?

Training and having a spray tan for sure. I also like to get my nails done and have false lashes applied because I don’t wear makeup on the beach. I’m really excited for people to see my bikinis – they’re really flattering for all shapes and sizes. 

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