Binky Felstead Shares Her Ultimate Style Tips

Binky border print dress, £27.99


When we got wind that MIC star Binky would be designing a collection for In The Style, we could hardly contain ourselves. And it certainly hasn’t disappointed. Fusing Binky’s chic style with the brand’s classic casuals, each piece makes for a totally timeless wardrobe addition. The best part being the purse-friendly price tags, of course. We caught up with her to find out more..  

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

I absolutely love it all, so it’s hard to say, but if I had to decide, it would probably be the red and navy checked shirt dress – it can be dressed up or down and is so comfortable – something I place a lot of importance on when it comes to my clothes! 

Have any of the MIC girls asked for a piece?

They have! A few of us have a WhatsApp group and they’ve been sending me links to the pieces they like – I can’t wait to see them wearing one of my designs, they’ll all look amazing. 

Which trend would you never wear? 

I’d never say never when it comes to a trend – what might not be on-trend now, might be re-worked and on-trend in a few years’ time – but at the moment I tend to shy away from bodycon pieces for myself. That said, other people look amazing in bodycon, so maybe one day I’ll bite the bullet and go for it myself. 

Binky felstead in the style

Binky eyelet dress, £24.99




Who’s style in the show do you admire most?

I think so many of the girls always look amazing but for me, Rosie has to be the one whose style I admire the most – she mixes it up every day and always looks immaculate. 

What’s the best fashion lesson your mum ever taught you?

To make sure I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing – it’s important to not be tugging at hems or hiding yourself away because you don’t feel confident in your outfit. 

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

It depends on what my plans for that day are – for filming or events I’ll put a little more effort in to my hair and makeup, whereas if I’m just popping to the shops, I’ll be a bit more low key. It can be anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours.

What are your tips for dressing for your shape? 

Show off the parts you like the most – I tend to stick to showing off my legs, which is why I have a lot of dresses and skirts in my range, whereas I know other girls would prefer to show off their torso or back instead. You know your shape better than anybody else, so experiment and see what makes you look and feel your best, then stick to that formula. 

You live with a guy and have a lot of boy mates, do they ever give you style advice? 

They comment on outfits but I wouldn’t call it advice! With the lattice tie dresses in my In The Style range, for example, they’ll comment on how they like the look, rather than telling me what to style it up with.

Binky felstead in the style

Binky black plunge dress, £34.99



How has your style changed since you first appeared on MIC?

My style has evolved quite a lot – when I first started on MIC, I’d just go out in leggings and ripped jumpers but as I got older and more aware, I put more thought in to my wardrobe and started to realise what I did and didn’t like and what did and didn’t suit me. I’ve harnessed all of that knowledge in to my new In The Style range and it’s something I’m really proud of – it’s really wearable but still on-trend. 

What’s your biggest fashion faux pas?

As above – my early Made in Chelsea days of leggings and jumpers.

You went through a tough break-up with JB. What are your tips for dealing heartbreak?

I think most girls would say the same – surround yourself with friends and family, buy a new dress and go out dancing!

What’s the best thing about being single?

There are so many great things about single life – girls’ nights out, complete control of the TV – but also so many about being in a relationship, too! 

We love your hair. How do you get that tousled effect?  

Thank you! I naturally have quite thin hair at the end, so add some thickness to it with hair extensions, before creating loose waves with a large barrelled curling tong and setting it with hairspray. I sometimes use a bit of dry shampoo for volume at the roots, too.