Binder App: The Heartless Way Of Ending Your Relationship

Binder is the new way of dumping your other half without the hassle. And it’s pretty awful.

Dubbed as the anti-Tinder, this new app basically sends your boyfriend/girlfriend a text message letting them know it’s over. You know, instead of having the balls to do it yourself.

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> Simply input your other half’s name and number and wait for them to receive a text…


To begin, you must type in your former flame’s name and number (photo optional) and swipe right to signify you are ready to do the dumping (sound familiar?).

Then, you can choose a reason why you want to end it. Is it because ‘our relationship is as patchy as your beard’?

Or perhaps it’s because, ‘I don’t want you close to me, emotionally or geographically’?  We mean, take your pick!

> What will your reason be?


Your significant other will then receive a lovely 37-second-long voicemail explaining, in detail, why they’re getting ditched using an unknown Scottish man’s voice (the creator of the app is Scotland’s Tennant’s Lager).

‘You’re dumped. You’re dumped. You’re really really dumped. Bind some will say. Bind with Binder now at all good app stores. Bye!’ is just one of the lines he might choose to dish out. 

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> Your boyfriend/girlfriend will receive a text looking a little something like this…


Obviously, it’s all a little tongue-in-cheek, with Tennent’s Lager claiming it created the app ‘for laughs’ dyring a series of YouTube comedy sketches.

Binder has had less than 100 downloads so far, according to the Google Play Store, so let’s wait and see if this dumping app actually catches on… 

Download Binder from the App Store and Google Play (if you really want to).