This Billion-Dollar Wedding Will Blow Your Mind

The cost of a wedding is enough to put anyone off saying ‘I do’. But for 28-year-old Russian billionaire Said Gutseriev and 20-year-old medicine student Khadija Uzhakhovs, money was certainly no object. Nope, this weekend the pair wed in an affair so lavish it racked up to roughly $1 billion. We KNOW.

According to Forbes, the Groom’s father Mikhael Gutseriev is an oil and media tycoon worth £4.3 billion, while bride Khadija was handpicked from an ordinary family after Said’s 4-year search for someone ‘beautiful, shy and not public’. And here’s exactly what their nuptials included:

1. A luxury Moscow restaurant venue decked with walls of fresh flowers and dripping in whimsical fairy lights.

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2. Performances from J Lo, Sting and Enrique Iglesias. Rumour has it J Lo was paid a WHOPPING $1 million, while her appearance included three ah-mazing outfit changes.

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3. An £18,000 couture bridal gown designed by none other than Elie Saab. We’re talking a frock weighing 25lbs with a train so heavy, wedding guests had to help the bride carry it. LOL.

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4. Hair and make-up stylists to the stars Irina Mitroshinka and Anna Timofeyeva. Obvs.

5. A LOT of diamonds. A tiara costing £5 million, a bedazzling diamond pendant and impressive drop earrings to match.

6. More Rolls Royces than we could keep count of to transport guests to and from the venue.

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7. A towering nine tier cake complete with glistening white icing and layer upon layer of pink floral garlands topped with the star and crescent of Islam to represent the couple’s faith.


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8. A very, very large guestlist of 600 friends and family.

9. Unlimited European cuisine throughout the event including freshly-made sushi. YUM.

10. Thank you gifts consisting of a gold box engraved with the couple’s initials and the date of the wedding. Yes, REAL gold.

11. On top of all that, reports say that the couple will stage a SECOND installment of celebrations in London with BEYONCE and Elton John in talks to perform.

We. Can’t. Cope.