Did Beyonce Just Reveal The Sex Of Her Twins Via Her EARS?

It’s tenuous but still…

When Beyonce posts a picture of herself wearing anything she knows she is subject to the highest scrutiny. Is that why she chose to wear a pair of earrings that would make the world think she’s having boys?

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Queen Bey shared snaps her going out OUT look on her website and fans were quick to point out a VERY interesting detail. One of the accessories she had chosen to wear is causing a MAJOR stir and now fans think they know the sex of her twins.

She’s Drunk In Love

No, it wasn’t her sexy thigh-high boots or fancy Gucci bag.

It was her zigzag circular earrings! It’s not that Beyonce’s jazzy drops look particularly masculine or feminine. The big point fans are making is that they’re the same earrings Beyonce wore in the music video for If I were A Boy.


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If I Were A Boy! Which surely means she’s telling folks she’s having boys or at least one boy, right?

Or maybe she rediscovered them after a Sunday clear out…