Beyonce Stole The Super Bowl With *That* Performance

Beyonce was the star of the Super Bowl last night, and boy, was everyone talking about that electric performance. 

The 33-year-old made her 2016 return to the spotlight with a bang, taking to Levi’s Stadium at halftime with rows of backing dancers dressed as members of armed rights group the Black Panthers, complete with the black berets the Panthers became known for in the ’60s and ’70s.

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beyonce super bowl formation Beyonce also announced her new Formation World Tour straight afterwards


Bey then performed new song Formation, which is thought to be a cry for the Black Lives Matter movement – even her backing dancers were seen holding up ‘justice 4 Mario Woods’ signs, a black man shot dead by police in San Francisco in December last year, backstage.

beyonce super bowl formation Beyonce looked stunning with big, wild curls as she returned to the 2016 spotlight


Strong political statement aside, however, the superstar singer was being talked about on Twitter for a whole other reason last night.

Because in the middle of her hugely energetic dance routine, Beyonce nearly took a seriously awkward fall as she stumbled on her mega high heeled boots. Eek!

beyonce super bowl formation As usual, Bey styled it out like a pro


The mum-of-one was seen jumping into a squat position and attempting to jump up again onto her feet, but nearly stumbled backwards and landed on her bottom just before correcting herself.

And, of course, fans were quick to spot the stumble.

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beyonce super bowl formation The moment Beyonce *nearly* took a tumble on stage


‘Anyone else see Beyonce bout mess up and fall down? Good save girl’, one fan tweeted.

‘If Beyonce can save herself from falling during halftime wearing heels, you can do anything’, another praised the star.

beyonce super bowl formation The dancers were Panther-inspired black berets for the Super Bowl performance


Whatta pro!

Other exciting Beyonce Super Bowl news came in the form of the singer’s new Formation World Tour, which she announced immediately after her performance (tickets on sale February 16th).

beyonce super bowl formation Beyonce and her backing dancers made a political statement with their outfits


And how did her performance go down? Well, on Twitter Bey was averaging 147,000 tweets a minute, compared to fellow half-time performers Coldplay’s (83,000), and Bruno Mars (28,000).

We’d say that was a rousing success then, eh Bey?

beyonce super bowl formation Bey was the most-tweeted performer of the whole show, beating Coldplay and Bruno Mars