Did Beyonce Just Spent £200,000 On One Pair Of Shoes?

There’s a lot we could buy with £200,000. A house maybe, or a Bentley, or even a round-the-world holiday once a year for the rest of our lives etc etc. Anyway, it’s a lot of cash. But for Beyonce? Not so much, as we’ve just found out she’s spent a whopping £200,000 on one pair of jewel-encrusted stilettos for her new video (she won’t let us in on which song it is yet, but it’ll reportedly be out in the autumn.)

> Diamonds are a Queen Bey’s best friend

So what makes these so special? They’re called the Princess Constellation heels and they’re by British designer House of Borgezie, owned by Christopher Shellis. They were apparently inspired by the Paul Simon song, Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes, which we’re kind of hoping isn’t true as the thought of treading beautiful diamonds into dirt and chewing gum makes us feel more than a little bit sick.

Covered in 1,290 diamonds (we dread to think who had to count those bad boys while sticking them on), the weight of the diamonds alone is 65.50 carats, and these are set into a choice of either 18 carat gold or platinum. FYI, they also have a 1,000 year-guarantee. Which we’re sure Beyonce doesn’t really need if she has that kind of dosh to spend on shoes, but nice to know anyway, hey?


> Let’s hope none of those come off…


Bey first spotted the heels in an article she was reading on fancy footwear, and then got her glam squad on the case to secure them for her. Obviously House of Borgezie was ecstatic, and designer Chris Shellis stated to the Birmingham Mail: “It’s the ultimate, Beyonce’s one of those fantasy customers. If you want someone to model one of your creations, you can’t get any better than Beyonce.”

Hear hear! 

But why stop at shoes? Bey also picked up a £55,000 gem-studded basque belt from House of Borgezie too. Let’s hope she’s got one gigantic insurance policy on set for her new video…

By Hannah Brimson