What It’s Really Like To Work With Beyonce

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this last week you can’t have failed to notice that Beyonce is launching an activewear range. Queen B’s latest venture sees her partnering with Topshop to create a 200-piece collection of stylish athleisure. So what is it like to partner with Beyonce on such a project? Sir Phillip Green – top dog at Topshop – has given a rare interview with in which he discloses the details of collaborating with the star.

“She’s super cool. When you get rid of all the people she comes in with, she says hi to everyone, and sits down, and off you go. You’re told you only have 40 minutes, and then three hours later, I’m like, ‘try that on, try that on…’ We laugh and joke and it’s easy. No stress,” Green told the paper.

Green explained that Beyonce was fully involved from start to finish when it came to the design process. “She’s debating, like ‘I want to see that again, I think we should change the strap.’” 

Beyonce's Ivy Park collection Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection

However, fitting in with B’s crazy schedule wasn’t always that easy. “Originally it was okay – we had the odd, ‘can you come to LA tomorrow afternoon’.”

And when Beyonce wants things to happen, you’ve got to make them happen. “At one point they said, ‘got to have it next Wednesday Philip’ and I just sent two people to the factories and they had to sleep there for a week so they could turn up in New York with 60 garments.”

Beyonce's Ivy Park collection Time to start making that shopping list…

Green did praise for Beyonce for her instinct and commitment though. “She’s shopping all the time so she understands that type of product,” Green explains. “She’s got enough people trying to get her to wear their clothes.”

“She’s a perfectionist. Last time we did LA we had to fly overnight and do the product review in the rehearsal space. She came out all hot and bothered.”

We wouldn’t expect any less from Sasha Fierce.

Earlier we wrote… 

Beyoncé’s brand new athleisure line Ivy Park is here. Yep, put your pens down, spit your tea out. Whatever you have to do, stop everything. This. Is. Big.

Since Topshop owner Sir Philip Green confirmed that Queen Bey would be collaborating with him on an athleisure line for the store last November, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for more details.

And now? Well, we know it’s called Ivy Park – which, according to a video shared on @weareivypark, is in honour of both her daughter Blue Ivy and her childhood sanctuary Parkwood Park. It’s going to be available from April 14th and, as well as it’s parent brand Topshop, will be stocked in Selfridges, JD Sports and on Net-a-Porter. We certainly won’t be short of choice either – the collection will consist of over 200 pieces of sportswear including clothing, footwear and accessories within specific categories: dance, fitness and sports.

Need not rely on our descriptions though, Beyoncé shared the very first snaps of herself modelling the collection on Instagram last night…





They tell us several things. First, she SLAYS in a leotard (although, we already knew that from her uh-mazing tour wardrobes). Second, the collection looks SO much cooler than our usual sportswear. In fact, from the super-high-leg and varsity type logo, we’re getting a bit of a Pamela-Anderson-crossed-with-luxe-leisurewear vibe…

But not everyone was as overjoyed as us. American sportswear brand Lululemon called out Queen Bey for “imitating” their clothing, with the tweet, “They do say imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe Beyoncé is so Crazy in Love with our brand, she made her own.” It wasn’t long before Beyoncé fans got in Formation to slam the rumours though – so much so that Lululemon quickly deleted their tweet and apologised.







Now that we’re all in agreement that Ivy Park is going to be AMAZING then, let the countdown begin. T-minus 2 weeks…