Beyonce Goes On A Selfie Splurge… But Where Is She Now?

When Beyonce and Jay Z stopped off in Paris recently it was only natural that the A-list couple would visit one of the most historical tourist sites in the city – The Louvre.

However what surprised us mere mortals was the level of privacy the couple received whilst in the Parisian city. Officials literally opened up the museum after hours in honor of the couples visit – queue a string of Queen Bey inspired Selfies… Natch.

These super-cute family portraits, which included 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and hubby Jay Z flooded the internet just hours after Beyonce released them on her official website

In the range of pics we can see Bey and Jay posing in front of Leonardo’s Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (something that is usually banned as visitors are usually kept at distance from the historical painting), Beyonce pondering over numerous famous works of art while showcasing her fabulous nail art and of course adorable shots of Blue Ivy herself being playfully carried up a set of grand stairs by her parents and playing within the gallery.

The untitled pics are labeled on the “Flawless” singers website under “My Life”, something she clearly feels her fans will be impressed by… And we certainly are!

By Kimberly Lavey