Beyonce May Have Put Us Off Wearing Earrings For Life

WARNING: If you're scared of blood, look away now...

When you’re Beyonce, life is easy.

You get given the most incred outfits to wear, you’re adored by fans all over the globe, and you’ve got a whole team of people making sure your every whim is seen to.

Except, EVEN when you’re the Queen, accidents still happen. As Beyonce found out during her Tidal X charity performance in New York over the weekend.

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The evening started out smoothly, with the 35-year-old turning out in an amazing sheer black beaded dress boasting a high neck and cut-out shoulder sleeves.

Bey accessorised with a super long plait that ran all the way down the length of her back, a dark red lip and one fiercer-than-fierce pair of earrings.


Poor Beyonce had a major earring faux pas on stage…

Only, they look pretty heavy, no?

Well, the singer was soon regretting her earring choice for the night once Beyonce got on stage.

Because OH MY GOD, her earring ripped right out of her ear.

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We’re not sure how it actually happened, but sure enough, Beyonce was soon left with a trickle of blood running down the side of her face as she sung ballad Haunted. But Beyonce being Beyonce, she carried on like a TOTAL pro.

Footage recorded by a fan shows Bey placing a hand on her ear and scrutinising her finger for blood, before simply continuing with her song like nothing had happened.


And fans were going wild for her cool and calm professionalism.

‘Beyoncé touched her ear, saw the blood, and didn’t miss a note. Y’all.’, tweeted one.

‘Beyoncé ripped out an earring and her ear was bleeding but she still performed while staying on key. That is talent ladies and gentlemen’, another praised.

‘Bey ripped her ear & with a bloody ear asked the crowd “How ya’ll feelin?” Let that sink in… said a third.

Bet, we salute you.