Workout Music: The Best Tunes To Get You Pumped

Workout music is often the glue that holds our workout together. Come on, how many times have you felt inclined to pound out another mile on the treadmill just because your fave workout song suddenly drops like a bomb into your headphones?

And because we’re all about keeping up the fitness ladies, here are some of team LOOK’s essential gym tunes to get you pumped for your workout. From running to weight training, here are some musical suggestions for your daily workout playlist…

1. Iggy Pop – Lust For Life

Perfect for knocking out a few km on the treadmill, Iggy’s classic is a bona fide gym anthem. Catch the full video here.


Iggy Pop

2. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

This ’90s banger is a team LOOK favourite. We recommend listening to this tune during a high-intensity class…or in the confines of your bedroom! Either way, you’re going to be moving. Unitards are optional. Check out the video here.

Technotronic Pump The Jam

3. The Killers – Mr. Brightside

This indie dancefloor filler was the crowning jewel of everyone’s Uni playlist, AND we couldn’t get enough of the doomed love story between Brandon Flowers and the candy-floss haired beauty shakin’ her vaudeville tail feather in the song’s video. Reacquaint youself with this old favourite here.

The Killers Mr Brightside

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4. Rihanna – We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris


No doubt about it, you can’t beat a bit of Ri-Ri to get you workout ready. Out of all the team suggestions, it was Ri’s anthem We Found Love (ft. Calvin Harris) that appeared on nearly all of our playlists. It’s a real roof raiser. Just try not to reach for the lasers whilst lifting weights – accidents will happen.



5. Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor feat. Pitbull

Because naturally we all want a JLo bod, it’s clear that at least one of her bump n’grindin tunes would make team LOOK’s workout list. Cause no one can shake a booty like Jenny from the Block, here’s one those stompers to get down and sweaty to. Check the vid here

JLo - Get On The Floor

6. Foo Fighters – The Pretender

For the more rock orientated of you gym ladies, there’s no denying that Dave Grohl and his band of merry Foo Fighters can get the adrenaline pumping. Particularly good for more cardio heavy workouts, stick on The Pretender and give it some serious socks with those kettlebells.

Foo Fighters - The Pretender

7. Beyoncé – Run the World (Girls)

All hail Queen Bey. If a bit of this don’t get you in the mood for a sweaty workout, nothing will! Check out the video (with ALL the fierceness) right here.

Beyonce - Who Run The World

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8. Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

Sometimes you just need a vintage track to get you onto that cross trainer, and nothing beats a bit of classic Mac. Go Your Own Way was a resounding gym favourite amongst many of the LOOK team. In fact, we don’t need any excuse to play it. It’s awesome.

Fleetwood Mac

9. 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology

Fiddy and JT – what a team huh? Apart from being ridculously sexy, this tune is awesome to work out to. Even if Justin is a little bit creepy in the video

50 Cent and Justin

10. The Pointer Sisters – Jump (For My Love)

Okay, we admit that this tune appeals more to our love of lycra than our love of cardio, but come on, The Pointer Sisters‘ Jump is fantastic for getting the old circulation moving right. Just try not to bounce about like a loon in the pilates studio.

The Pointer Sisters