Found! The World’s Best White T-Shirt*

(*Also comes in every other colour, just FYI)

If you were to look inside the wardrobes of fashiondom’s most stylish, you’d see there’s one thing they all have in common – they’ve got their outfit basics down to a tee.

Fitting really, seeing as we’ve just found the best white t-shirt on the planet (no, we’re not exaggerating: in fact, it’s you who’s crowned it so.)

From US essentials label Hanes, the white t-shirt in question – a loose-fitting, short-sleeved, v-neck style – has racked up a seriously impressive 400+ positive reviews on Amazon, with comments raving about everything from its ‘perfect’ fit and luxe fabric to the fact it’s sans itchy label and that it washes really, REALLY well (your mum would be so proud).

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Olivia Palermo hits the streets of NYC in a cool tee and dress combo

Yep, people are pretty excited about it, and that’s no mean feat in the remit of jersey staples.

It’s an added bonus then that it’s totally affordable too, with an asking price of just £5.99. That’s a trip to Starbucks, only this splurge will go way beyond your 10am caffeine fix.

Introducing the t-shirt that's caused an internet meltdown

Introducing the t-shirt that’s caused an internet meltdown

If white t-shirts aren’t your thing, you can rest assured it comes in a rainbow of hues to boot.

Ok, it might seem small fry compared to the statement pieces that usually command such a devoted fan base but, with so many styling ops, this might just be the most rewarding six quid you ever spend. Layered under dresses, tucked into prim midi skirts, paired with straight leg jeans or slung under a tailored blazer, the outfit potential really is endless. Now that’s what we call a cost-per-wear saviour.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Olivia Palermo, who proves time and time again that t-shirts are anything but basic…