What Happened When We Tried On Topshop’s Jeans IRL

Topshop jeans come in such a range of different shapes, cuts and styles, it can feel impossible to know which ones to go for.

With new additions hitting the rails constantly, the saying ‘spoilt for choice’ definitely comes to mind.

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If you’ve already had a little read of my LOOK style blog (and if you haven’t, feel free to stop by), you’ll know that I have a few curves going on down below. This can make jeans shopping particularly tricky. 

Yup, there’s the jeans wiggle (ugh), and the never-ending problem of finding a pair that will glide easily enough over my thighs, but not gape around the back of the waistband. 

After noticing that my trusty pair of trous had started to fray along the seams – they must have given up after their millionth wear – I headed to Topshop with a mission; find new jeans, by any means necessary. 

I’ve always loved Topshop’s denim, so I tried on three popular styles in various different sizes.

For your viewing pleasure (a quick shout out to Topshop’s super flattering changing room lighting), I documented the experience. FYI, I’m generally a size 10-12. 

So, here’s what happened… 

1. Stripe Hem Hayden Boyfriend Jeans


After seeing a colleague rocking these around the office (hers had metallic stripes), I caught a serious case of wardrobe envy, and couldn’t wait to try them on myself. 

The white detail added a sporty edge, which is right up my street. 


Topshop Stripe Hem Hayden Jeans, £46

I tried on W30, but unforunately the low-slung waist just didn’t flatter my shape.

These looked ah-mazing on our other LOOK girl, so it has more to do with my own body type than the jeans. 


2. Mom Jeans

>Wearing the W31Topshop Mom Jeans



I’m a huge fan of the retro vibe of these jeans, and the high-waist is perfect for my hourglass.  

I tried on both a W30 and a W31, just to be safe! 



The W31 was far more comfortable, so I’d recommend opting for a size up if, like me, you’re a little on the curvy size. 

But I was a total fan girl, and would probably invest in a few different pairs, in a few different shades. Because, you can never have too many pairs of jeans. Fact. 

3. Joni Jeans Super High Waisted Skinny




Still my reigning champ! 

This style has been my trusty go-to for years now, and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 


Topshop Joni Jeans, £38

I wear W28, as the stretchy material gets them over the bumps no problem-o. 

Joni and I will be BFFs for life.