The Best Christmas Socks

The only time of year that we like sprouts… when they're on our socks!


There was once a time when getting socks at Christmas was virtually equivalent to a piece of coal – ew! But not this year, sprouts, gingerbread men and…unicorns! Yep, unicorns. Printed socks are an absolute craze and this year they are better than ever. From super savvy to spend and splurge, we’ve picked our current sock frontrunners (excuse the pun) and our tootsies cannot wait to be toastie!

Everything unicorn is having a bit of a moment in the Insta world, but we’ve got a massive crush on these elf, unicorn mash ups from a shop addicts fave; ASOS, sending our minds into a “SANTA SANTA SANTA” hyper mode and envisioning an Elf The Unicorn movie collab – weird, but anything is possible?! Alternatively, if you’re not in the bold move mood, you could opt for a repeated unicorn print with wings from ultra savvy Dorothy Perkins.

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Need help with a secret Santa gift? There are so many cute stocking filler socks, and M&S have festive stocking shaped socks that are at a bargain of a price- £5! If you’re within the £10 Secret Santa limit then these glitzy silver pair from H&M are a sparkling addition to your gift-giving streak.

If you’re in a spendy and creative mood, why not DIY your very own pair of socks from Urban Outfitters for £15, you’ll definitely be on Santa’s nice list for winning extra Christmas points!

A can of coke and gingerbread anyone?! The holiday’s are coming with the classic Coca Cola socks from online sock store plus, these cute pink gingerbread men socks from the gift godsend; Accessorize, at a penny savvy price of £3.50.

So girls, if you like our sock faves then make sure you invest in a funky printed pair this year!

By Anna Ku