The Shoe Review: Mules

Mules are the shoe of the season, but backless doesn’t come without its problems. LOOK’s most selfless shoe addicts test them out, to tell you what it’s really like to have your very own mule moment.

Bridie Wilkins, Fashion News Assistant:
“As soon as I saw these zebra print mules from Office, I knew it was time to unleash my feet. As a slave to public transport, I’m usually quite reluctant to wear anything other than trainers to work, so even this small block felt like a big deal to me. All was going well until I had to leg it for the bus, but even then I was surprised at how easy these mules were to move around in. I’m a convert.”

Zebra Print Mules, £50, Office

Hannah Banks-Walker, Fashion News Writer:
“I am chastised by friends and co-workers alike over the sheer amount of shoes I own, but still I can’t seem to satiate my desire for fancy footwear. And what’s not to love about mules? I have long been aware of their merits, nay, their power, and have recently declared them (to anybody who’ll listen) as my favourite ‘going out’ shoes. My (cocktail-fuelled) dancing is not hindered in the slightest by the lack of a back; if anything, I’m even more of a twirler.

Bow Mules, £89, Topshop

Gemma Yates, Fashion News Editor:
“Look, I love a mule as much as the next shoe addict, but sadly, for a full day of meetings and appointments, they just ain’t practical. By 5.30 my toes had formed a sort of claw in a bid to keep them on my feet as I walked. Attractive. What you’d call a car to bar shoe methinks.”

Pink Mules, £24.99, H&M

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